Acupuncture To Treat Stroke Sequelae

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Effectiveness of Acupuncture to treat stroke in North America has been increasing in recent years!

Symptoms of stroke and its sequelae, according to Traditional Chinese medicine claims, respond well to acupuncture treatment. Known better as “wind-stroke”, this treatment mostly involves either the use body points alone, possibly with or without electrical stimulation, or the combination of body points and scalp acupuncture (Chen 1993).

heart-and-stroke-foundation-of-canadaThe Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada encourages Canadians to be aware of the signs of stroke and to get help FAST if you see a loved one with the obvious signs of a stroke.

In China many studies have compared different techniques and point combinations. Often very large numbers of patients are involved, for instance Ge (1992) treated and assessed 684 patients with sequelae of stroke at the Air Force Hospital in Shengyang.

In the United States, stroke is the third leading cause of death, killing about 137,000 people each year, and a leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability- Stroke Sequelae.

Stroke sequelae includes symptoms like hemiplegia, numbness, aphasia, swallowing difficulties, facial distortion such as crooked mouth and depression. However, people who receive good rehabilitation after a stroke can often make a full and effective recovery, sometimes regaining most functionality of the body lost during the stroke.

Two Types of Strokes

acupuncture to treat stroke

Ischemic Stoke: The two types of stroke are ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic strokes. Ischemic stroke occurs when arteries are blocked by blood clots or by the gradual build-up of plaque and other fatty deposits. About 85+ percent of all strokes are ischemic.

Hemorrhagic Stroke: Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain breaks leaking blood into the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes account for 15 percent of all strokes, yet are responsible for more than 30 percent of all stroke deaths.

What is Stroke Sequelae?

Stroke is actually a brain attack which cuts off vital blood flow and oxygen to the brain. It is reported that up to 2  million brain cells die every minute during a stroke which only increases the risk of permanent brain damage, disability, or even death.

Treatment for Stroke Sequelae

In western cultures, when patients suffer stroke sequelae, usually they start various forms of treatment such as rehabilitation-physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy right after suffering the stroke.

These patients may also be given anti-coagulant medications to prevent clot formation as well as anti-hypertensive medication to control the blood pressure. Sometimes they also receive cholesterol-lowering medication to reduce their blood cholesterol level and/or glucose lowering medications to take the blood sugar level down. Their doctor will also advise them to stop smoking, go on a calorie reduced diet and exercise.

Acupuncture to treat Stroke Sequelae has been commonly used in China for thousands of years and Chinese medicinal practitioners use unique acupuncture points in head and body to open up blocked meridians. This  significantly increases the ability of stroke patients to live better lives and perform most daily activities just like before they had the stroke. Their motor cognitive functionality is also great improved when receiving acupuncture for stroke sequelae.

Chinese medical practitioners believe that acupuncture for stroke is able to dispel the evil winds, eliminating phlegm, enriching the blood vessels and removing obstructions in certain meridian channels.

To sum up, acupuncture treatment can improve blood circulation, repair these blood vessels, and help the absorption of brain edema, as well as eliminating issues such as hemiplegia, aphasia, crooked mouth, swallowing difficulties, numbness and other stroke side effect as soon as possible.




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