Acupuncture Works For Tinnitus Pain Relief

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Not too many people know this but acupuncture works for Tinnitus pain relief!

If you suffer with this condition you most likely have a ringing in the ears, or a roaring or hissing sound that drives you crazy. Most folks who suffer with Tinnitus hear it all the time and it can really be bothersome affecting your daily routine and lifestyle. More and more people everyday are being diagnosed with tinnitus (tin-NY-tus).

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, a hearing loss disorder, can can possibly be a symptom of some other health problem. Recent research by the American Tinnitus Association, suggests that at least 1 million Canadians have tinnitus and ten times that in the US. So that being said, at least 100,000 Canadians experience it so severely that they cannot cope with daily activities. Most people who suffer each day in silence, may even find it very difficult to work or even sleep.

What To Do If You Have Tinnitus?

It is very important that you start off by seeing your doctor if you experience any pain or hearing loss. Your doctor will be able to tell you what the cause of the ringing in the ears is. He will most likely want to check your blood pressure, diet, allergies, other medicine you are taking, and quite often your kidney function.

If he cannot determine what is going on, he will send you to an ear, nose, and throat doctor for further testing. An audiologist may also be recommended in this case to measure your hearing. You may not have tinnitus. You may have some other hearing issue that requires a hearing aid.

What Treatments Are Available For Tinnitus?

There are a few treatments available nowadays for issues with Tinnitus. Some of these are listed below including how acupuncture can help with Tinnitus.

Hearing Aids – Most people who suffer with tinnitus have hearing loss, fact! Normally the buzzing or ringing will disappear by wearing a hearing aid. They can start to hear sounds they never could before.

Maskers – These are small electronic devices used to produce sound waves that  make tinnitus seem less noticeable. Maskers, as the name suggests, just mask the Tinnitus condition. They do not make the ringing go away, just less noticeable.

Medicine – Certain prescribed drugs are a common therapy these days for Tinnitus. Medicine may work by lessening the ringing and pain associated with tinnitus in certain cases. Find out from your doctor first what side effects may arise from taking the medicine tho. Get the full scoop.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy – A combination of counseling and maskers are used for this Tinnitus therapy method. Your hearing specialist may help you learn just how to live with tinnitus. Some people just learn how to stay away from certain foods, making the tinnitus seem less severe.

Relaxing – If the noise in your ears really frustrates you, learning how to relax is important. frustration leads to stress, and stress can make the ringing sound worse. By relaxing, we are not saying it is easy, but if you do so, you will have a better quality of life and you will learn how to deal with Tinnitus better.

Acupuncture – Several recent studies in Canada have concluded that acupuncture improves tinnitus. Go to see a local acupuncturist to prescribe a few acupuncture sessions for ringing associated with tinnitus. These acupuncture sessions will relieve the obstruction in the ear causing the ringing. It will usually take 10 to 15 acupuncture sessions normal flow to return to the meridians in the area surrounding the ear. This will lessen the buzzing or ringing associated with Tinnitus.

If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t hurt. An experienced acupuncture practitioner in Red Deer will be able to tell you after the first session if it is going to help or not. Each Tinnitus case is unique. Just as in other conditions with the body, it may work for some while not for others.

Proper Diet for Tinnitus

Considering all the issues surrounding tinnitus, diet actually plays a key role in controlling pain associated with Tinnitus. If you love to eat certain foods that are cold, it may constrict the Eustachian tubes causing poor drainage from the inner ear. Other foods that are in the raw form like carrots, or even dairy products may cause you to experience major issues and ringing in the ears. These type of foods tend to form mucus which causes congestion in the ear area.

You should start eating more healthy while staying away from certain foods. This will definitely help lessen the ringing in the ears. A balanced diet with smaller meals is a good start. Try adding warming foods to your diet like organic chicken, Baked tofu, fish, eggs, and walnuts. This can help strengthen the kidneys, often associated with Tinnitus. Other foods like sesame seeds, black beans, lentils and ginger are also very helpful. Also try to maintain a diet that is low in saturated fats. Most suffers of Tinnitus said they ate fried and greasy foods on a regular basis, but after stopping, the ringing basically disappeared.

Acupressure treatment for Tinnitus

acupuncture treatment for tinnitus

Most people who visit a doctor or acupuncturist for the first time really have no knowledge that your body contains dozens of pressure points that are responsible for causing tinnitus ear ringing, ear pain, and quite often headaches.  An acupressure specialist has access to a pressure point roadmap that show the most widely used tinnitus acupressure points.

When you find an experienced acupuncturist, ask him to perform either acupuncture or acupressure on the proper pressure points. He will tell you that he needs to work on the acupoint Outer Gate (SJ-5). This is basically two thumbs wide and is above the outer wrist crease of the right hand.

If your local acupuncture specialist applies pressure in this area until you feel soreness, then you have found the pressure point that controls ringing in the inner ear. He will hold for up to 2 minutes, and repeat a few times until the soreness disappears.

Chinese medicine works on the philosophy that the body as a whole organism and by treating the symptoms associated with Tinnitus in all corners of your body like the feet, wrist, and abdomen, acupuncture will help cure the symptoms causing tinnitus.

To find out more about acupuncture and Tinnitus, call a local acupuncturist in your area. They will be happy to explain how proper diet, exercise, and treatment through acupuncture can help – Please Inquire: 403-343-1539!



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