Red Deer Acupuncture Clinic

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If you are looking for some sort of pain relief in Red Deer Alberta, stop by the Red Deer Acupuncture Clinic to schedule an acupuncture session. Your Red Deer Acupuncture Clinic has been the #1 acupuncture clinic in Red Deer AB for many years now. They not only specialize in treating all type of pain


Pain Management Relief

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Red Deer Acupuncture Clinic (Dr Arlo Acupuncture) is the number one pain management acupuncture clinic in Red Deer Alberta! Dr Arlo, a fully trained and licensed acupuncturist, specializes in all areas of pain management and has helped hundreds of patients in Alberta with such chronic pain issues as sciatica relief, treatment for PTSD, arthritis relief,


Acupuncture Works For Many Types of Pain

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Acupuncture works for many types of pain, according to millions of Canadians who signup for acupuncture sessions each year. Acupuncture has become more than a curiosity. It has now become widely accepted as a popular way to cure their sore backs, necks, and even arthritis pain. The National Institutes of Health says that according to


Acupuncture For Family Wellness

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Many people in Red Deer and Central Alberta are seeking out acupuncture for family wellness. Residents who live in Western Canada just aren’t aware of how helpful acupuncture can be for chronic pain and overall wellness for the whole family. Professional acupuncturists in Red Deer will help you understand why the ancient Chinese medical practice


Acupuncture Can Relieve Pain

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If you have been suffering from chronic pain for some time now, then we would like to point out that acupuncture can relieve pain, as well as promote an overall feeling of well being including better sleep. Although widely accepted in Canada, many people still don’t know how acupuncture works and how it can benefit