Healing Through Acupuncture in Red Deer

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Healing through acupuncture has been on the minds of many Canadians especially in Red Deer these days. With all the various drugs, treatments, and medical procedures now available to cure chronic pain, back problems and fibromyalgia, it’s a wonder is took this long for people to discover acupuncture.

Acupuncture offers an alternative to most conventional medical procedures for disease and chronic pain healing. The practice of acupuncture is a true complementary therapy which works well many other conventional medical treatments like yoga and physiotherapy.

Benefits of Acupuncture Healing

benefits of acupuncture Red Deer AlbertaHealing thru acupuncture basically is a drug-free therapy which won’t conflict with prescription medication and also will not cause unpredictable drug reactions.

Acupuncture involves the placement of tiny needles away from problem areas in the body that avoid surgical scars, inflamed tissues, and open wounds.

Many family doctors and specialists in Alberta are now open to their patients receiving acupuncture treatments alongside other prescribed treatments and operations. Acupuncturists in Red Deer are health professionals in a regulated health industry that can be in open communication with their patient’s GP.

Often the Doctor and Acupuncturist will work together as to whether acupuncture treatments are necessary and just how long they will be carried out. This, of course, is on a patient by patient basis. Every patient is different and require unique and customized services according to their individual medical issues.

Acupuncture helps those suffering from sciatic nerve pain, chronic pain of any kind, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and lots of other painful conditions like Shingles.

Acupuncture The Holistic Therapy

Acupuncture is a true holistic therapy because it works by stimulating the healing mechanisms in the body. The acupuncture needles appear to introduce a new kind of injury that the body with have to deal with. The needles in effect refocus the body’s healing efforts to seek out the inflicted area and somehow heal it.

The immune system is a wonderful healing tool and acupuncture is a truly an amazing holistic healing therapy.

How Does Acupuncture Therapy Work?

Red Deer Acupuncture logoWell after making an appointment with a local acupuncturist, the initial acupuncture consultation allows the acupuncturist to assess your medial condition and offer suggestions on how many acupuncture sessions it may take to help you.

Once you arrive for the first acupuncture appointment, tiny needles are placed in very specific locations along the body, or wherever the affected area may be. Upon the needle insertion, you may feel a momentary sharp or stinging sensation, but very minor. Many, however report that they don’t feel anything at all.

It is common though to experience a somewhat deep ache for a short period afterwards especially if you’ve received acupuncture in the joint area. The acupuncture needles are usually gently manipulated over several sessions until relief from pain is felt.

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