Dr. Stephanie Konelsky Acupuncturist

We would like to welcome Dr. Stephanie Konelsky TCMD, RAc to our clinic.  Please see www.steffiekacupuncture.com  for Dr Steffie K’s biography as well some interesting information and facts on acupuncture.

Dr. Konelsky’s philosophy is simple, life is to be lived to its fullest. If you’re in the midst of a health challenge that is preventing you from living an extraordinary life, my aim is to get you back on track.  A true mind-body medicine, traditional Chinese medicine takes a comprehensive approach.

Through the use of acupuncture primarily, combined with herbal medicine, diet therapy, mindful movement and meditation, I offer an integrated approach to your well-being.

I am currently booking appointments at the Red Deer Acupuncture Clinic located at the Medical Dental Building east of the Red Deer Hospital (see map). Call to book an appointment today on 403.343.1539.