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Dr J Arlo Chinnery Acupuncture Clinic Red Deer ~ 403-343-1539
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by Loretta Cooper on Dr J Arlo Chinnery Acupuncture Clinic Red Deer ~ 403-343-1539
Go see Dr. Arlo

I suffer from Plantar facitis but thanks to Dr. Arlo I don't anymore. for the first treatment of moxibustion, I have no more pain. I couldn't even stand up in the morning. Tried all sorts of other therapies and nothing worked like moxibustion. I see Dr. Arlo for anything that's bothering me. It works. Don't waste time with anything else, call him first. Thanks Dr. Arlo!

by Loretta on Dr J Arlo Chinnery Acupuncture Clinic Red Deer ~ 403-343-1539

I am so greatful to Dr Arlo I had sciadic so bad I went for one treatment and it felt better he is very good I would advise anyone if they are in pain to go see him Thank you for helping me to feel better

by Dan Ding on Dr J Arlo Chinnery Acupuncture Clinic Red Deer ~ 403-343-1539

On November 16, 2013, I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, and I was immediately put on prednisone and an anti-viral by my physician. As I was patiently waiting for the Palsy to run its course, I happened to read a Reuter's article on Intense Acupuncture and its effects on Bell's palsy.

I contacted Dr. Arlo on Friday, November 22, 2013, and received my first acupuncture session the same day. He inserted 12 acupuncture needles on my face, scalp, neck and wrists. On the following Monday, after my second session of acupuncture, I had a better control on my eye lid, meaning I could almost close my right eye. After the fourth session on November 29, I was able to move most of my facial muscles and able to close my right eye completely.

I am able to move all the facial muscles, the muscle tone on the right side of my face is still weaker than the left side. I am continuing my acupuncture treatment. I feel Dr. Arlo's acupuncture treatment has shortened the recovery time from this affliction. I am grateful to Dr. Arlo.

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