Try Acupuncture As A Cure for Neck Pain

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Some recent studies in North America have suggested that acupuncture may be the next best cure for neck pain, and back and joint pain as well, for that matter. Acupuncture, now widespread around the world, as a great alternative to Western medicine, is being touted as a wonderfully successful treatment for chronic neck pain. After a couple weeks of treatments of acupuncture for neck pain, patients seem to have greater improvement in motion as well as other joint and back pain areas. Others have tried massage for neck and back pain but after a short time the pain returned.

People Just Suffer With Neck Pain

acupuncuture-relieves-neck-painMost folks, in fact, just suffer with neck pain each day at work and just deal with it! Most people who work at a desk or at a computer station, find that they have to get up and move around every couple hours because of the terrible pain they experience in the back of the neck area.

This stands to reason as most computer desks and chairs are not ergonomically set up to allow for lengthy work periods. So what do works so who suffer with neck pain? They suffer with it, that’s what they do. Most people rub the back of the neck, back, or shoulder area and figure this is all they have to do. But anyone who has had a computer job for more than ten years will tell you that this never lasts and they the pain continues to get worse and worse with each year that passes on the job.

Most people in the Canadian workforce suffer with some sort of neck pain as well as other debilitating conditions like osteoarthritis, chronic back and neck pain, migraines, and shoulder and joint pain.

How Effective is Acupuncture For Neck Pain?

There was a recently Pain Acupuncture study performed by the Archives of Internal Medicine, who found that after receiving as little as 3 treatments of acupuncture, those who suffered with neck pain, found acupuncture actually worked much better than taking medication or massage therapy.

Is Acupuncture Expensive?

It’s hard to believe but not every health insurance company wants to cover acupuncture as a method to treat those who suffer with neck and pain issues. Many have been trying to change the minds of those in a position of power in Canada to change the Canadian Health Care System to accept acupuncture as a method to cure pain, despite the evidence showing just how beneficial acupuncture can be.

So, that being said, most folks have to shell out like $59 to $99 per acupuncture session with most patients needing weekly or biweekly sessions until the pain disappears. You may want to check with a local acupuncturist to see where the best deal for acupuncture is in your area.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture improves the natural self healing process of the body by stimulating certain acupuncture points, or acupoints. This is a very common method to relieve pain and involves the insertion of fine needles into the skin.

acupuncture needles in the neckTraditional Chinese Medicine believes that there are two opposing forces in the body – “yin and yang”. When these forces work together and are in balance, the body is deemed healthy and energy, called “qi” (pronounced “chee”) flows along meridians (special pathways), throughout the body, keeping the yin and yang forces balanced. But, if this flow of energy gets blocked, it can lead to severe chronic pain.

Acupuncturists can release these blocked qi areas in the body and stimulate function again, stimulating the body’s own natural healing process, proving that acupuncture works. Other benefits of acupuncture on the body are to the nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, the digestive system, and cardiovascular system.

By stimulating these various systems in the body, acupuncture can resolve pain, improve sleep, and give you an overall sense of well being.


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